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You are wondering what to look out for when buying children’s toys, what stages of development your child is going through or you are looking for new inspirations – here you can get valuable tips about life with children.

Our Toddys

Grasp the world

Playing with the Toddys makes children smart! Grasp the world through play – that’s how children understand the world best! They handle their toy, and discover using all the senses! That’s why we have designed the Toddys to be exciting in every way.

Valuable knowledge

Games for outside play

Games for outside play Do you remember playing catch in the garden, or drawing pictures on the pavement? When the days were long and carefree, and all that mattered was playing and having a good time? It’s clear that our best childhood memories were created outside. And that’s a good thing, because not only is […]

Reading aloud to children

Reading aloud to children: why fairy tales and the like are so important Perhaps you can remember how your parents read aloud to you. Or how your grandparents opened up the world of fairy stories to you with their amazing tales of princesses and dragons. Reading together and being read to is not only something […]

Clapping games

Clapping games for infants Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake baker’s man, Bake me a cake as fast as you can … Well, did you catch yourself singing along with this classic clapping game? It’s no wonder, because, once learned, such clapping and singing games remain in your head, no matter what age you are. Their recipe for success […]

Meaningful toys for children

Meaningful toys for children aged 2 and above: gift ideas for small children Is your niece’s, nephew’s or godchild’s birthday just around the corner? Or are you simply looking for a really good gift idea for a small child? Of course, you don’t want to give them just any old thing! It has to be […]

Playing together: educational toys and games for children

Playing together: educational toys and games for children Crafting, solving puzzles, getting creative with paper and scissors – a child has an enormous urge to play. And that’s as it should be! Even though it often just looks like play and fun to parents, when playing together, toddlers and older children can learn a lot. […]