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The friends are always on hand when something needs sorting out. The storm has devastated the park. Paula and Pretty clean everything up so that the animals can get their lovely home back, and the Toddys friends happily meet again in the park.


For Mio and Mounty the highest mountains are just a small challenge – they always want to go higher, and together they will do so. They are friends with the marmots and know exactly where the eagle has its nest. In the evenings, they sit around the camp fire and plan their next adventure…


Dave and Divey especially love long, unspoilt beaches! They watch dolphins and whales for hours on end. On the beach they build sandcastles and look for mussels – they’ve found many a treasure there before. Just hear all about it…

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Sam loves speed and adventure, and would love to become an astronaut. Luckily the brave Speedy is at his side to bring him fearlessly and at the speed of light to strange new worlds, or even just around the corner to the moon.


They are both completely relaxed and happily dream from day to day. They feel really great up above the clouds. When they meet a flock of birds, they join them and accompany them part of their way to the south. That’s how they keep on having great adventures.


Zoe and Zoomy always feel really free when they’re out and about in the open air. They examine everything. Whether butterfly, beetle, or ant, the two get really excited when they find something that crawls or flutters. Look right there, you can learn a lot from them…


On your marks, set, go! That’s how Jim and Jumpy work when they come up against a challenge – they are a real daredevil team. Whether it’s sporting competitions or taking a run-up over bridges and jumping entire mountains – they are always there!


Olli and Oldy are a real “fair weather team”; before every mystery tour they give themselves a good clean, and then enjoy the beautiful countryside. If Oldy ever grinds to a stop, Olli of course has everything necessary, and immediately fixes the problem under the bonnet.


Everyone loves this team! They are real artists, and where other people see only clouds and stars, Leo sees the opportunity for the wildest flying tricks and stunts. His friend Loopy is a real master of the art of flying. No cloud is safe from them.


When music fills the air, this magically attracts Freddy and Fluxy. Both love to celebrate a party with friends or simply to be moved by the music. The two are both so adventurous that they have a great deal to say…


When the weather is bad, Mike and Moby are really creative – there’s not a trace of boredom. First of all, they built a kite when it was raining, and today they’re going to be able to fly it. Who wouldn’t like to be their friend and join in.


These two begin every day radiantly, they dance their way through life, and glitter like stars. Highly motivated, they also change a park into a stage in no time and rehearse a new performance for their friends.

Many combination options

You can also combine the Toddys with each other using the exciting “Click & Play function”. In this way, new vehicle combinations are created again and again, which have their own names. Off you go into a world full of adventure.

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