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Donating used toys

Cuddly toys, dolls, and other toys are real friends. They are not merely objects, but rather they are guardians, comforters, and snuggly friends who win hearts, teach things, and while away the time. But only until your little one becomes too old for certain toys or no longer finds them interesting. This is a completely natural process which every child goes through as it grows up, and which is important in developing one’s own interests and a taste of one’s own.

Maybe another child in the circle of friends has a super new toy which has caught the attention of your child? Doll X maybe can’t compete with that. Maybe the educational toy has just become too simple or is just played out?

For whatever reason, your child has lost interest in a certain toy; but don’t simply throw it away! Another child would certainly love to have that discarded toy. In any case, a donation is always a good idea! But what do you need to look out for when you want to donate a toy? And where is the best place to pass on material donations of this type? We answer this and other questions here.

What do I need to look out for when I want to donate a toy?

Do you want to donate used toys to the needy? Super! If you remember the following points, then your donation will be a great experience for everyone involved.

Donate or keep?

Just because your child has neglected a certain toy for a day or two, it does not mean that it’s no longer wanted. It’s best if you watch the situation for a day or two until you can assess whether it was just a passing moment or whether a donation would be appropriate.

If they are things to which no emotions are attached, then you can straight away put them to one side. For example, a book, clothing, or even educational toys which your child has grown out of.

To give away or not?

Social institutions and other children look forward to material donations and gifts of toys. Nevertheless, you should ensure that your donation is in good condition. Has the doll lost an eye or is the teddy missing an ear? Maybe you can get busy with needle and thread, and put the toy to rights. If the condition leaves something to be desired, you should try to save what you can; after all, the toy should capture a child’s heart rather than give it a shock. A cuddly toy should always be given a wash, and games should be wiped with a rag with disinfectant.

Functional toys should be still be intact if you intend to donate them.

Guidelines for material donations

Whether it’s a bike, clothing, furniture, equipment for the home, or even toys: depending on where you intend to hand over your material donation, you should comply with the respective guidelines. Every charity or organisation has its own specific requirements which you can easily find out in advance. Get on the phone and simply ask about the rules when making a donation.

Where can I donate toys?

You have many options for donating used toys. Some organisations, especially those which are regionally active, accept material donations without setting fixed hours for receiving. Others gather donations in order to support the needy abroad, for example. You can generally read the respective guidelines on their website – or simply phone and enquire.

The following regional organisations will be happy to receive your donation:

Important: Always check in advance about donation acceptance times and general conditions for a toy donation.

Do you have toys which are incomplete? Or are you unsure whether they would even find a use? No problem! You can place these in donation cabinets or donation markets or even in “for-free” shops. You can also offer toys for donation on clothing exchange websites. On well-known small-ad portals you can select the “For free” option. And who knows: maybe you will make a child very happy. Tip: Can’t find the right place? The site tells you where in your area you can find a collection point for your donation.

Which organisations accept donations of toys?

If you prefer to donate to a national cause, you can contact the following aid organisations:

  • Clean, intact cuddly toys find new loving homes through this project. Needy children in countries all over the world, e.g. Syria and Iraq, have already been supported through this project.
  • Oxfam: In addition to books, clothing, etc., Oxfam is happy to accept donations of toys. The charity then sells these and spends the proceeds on development projects. Unsold items go to social department stores. You can therefore be confident that your donation will be sure to reach the right place. You can find an Oxfam shop in your neighbourhood via the search option on the Oxfam website.
  • Children help children (Kinder helfen Kindern): In addition to the proceeds from a cake sale, for example, the aid organisation can be given great support by means of material donations. Particularly in the pre-Christmas period, the locations are happy to receive donations. However, the organisation provides even more targeted options for you to enrich the lives of needy people in developing countries. So just click on the homepage!
  • Friedensdorf International: The homepage of this aid organisation clearly lists the donations which are particularly needed at present. In addition to clothing and shoes, toys are always in demand. These go to children from war and crisis zones.

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